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Viewing Lyrics for Turn It Loose with Eminem Unreleased Version o:

Artist:Bizkit Limp
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Bizkit Limp
Track:Turn It Loose with Eminem Unreleased Version o
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Featuring Eminem)

Eminem: Uh huh. Aight.


Eminem: Slim Shady.

Fred: Shady, do the mic

Eminem: I don't do black music, I don't do white music.
I make fight music
for high school kids.
I put lives at risk when I drive like this. (Screech!)
With a
slipped disk from a Limp Bizkit disc.
I just missed the gift list for Christmas gifts.

So I get pissed and can't pick which wrist to slit.
Little rich kids in cribs don't
attempt this shit.
So step back while I prep up to pimp this bitch.
So I says to this
girl I'm like:
"What up girl? Shut up girl."
Showed her a cut up squirrel.
screamed bloody murder so loud everybody heard her.
Slapped me in the mouth and called me a
nutty murderer.
I moved on to two blondes kissin' on a futon.
"Hey yo baby!" "What do
you want?"
I looked at them both and I was like
"Uh check this out toots, I'm lookin'
for cookie puss.
I need to speak to him immediately."
They played my video on MTV last
And just when I was thinkin' I was all that and then some in comes Fred

Fred: Yo Shady, let me get some!
Who knows what galaxy I came from.

One where a bass drum's hung from a high-chair.
Now I'm a nightmare.
You stay
right there.
I got the fever for the flavor of a single.
See me and Shady, I think we
got it locked down.
Shocked by the sound,
I got you cruisin' with your top down.

These two blondes, I offered 'em both a drink.
And this you would think could get the
party started.
But instead, them girls turned their heads.
Opened up their mouths,
smelled like somebody farted.
So it was time for me to move on.
Shady said the living
room was a dance floor.
So turn me loose.
I was cuttin' a rug with this chick.

Bumped into this dude who was drunk and a prick.
Ramblin' on about how he was gonna kill
Wow, I spilled a drink on his shirt!
But no, he insisted we should go.
I could drop 'em, Shady had to clock 'em.
The music stopped, the party stood in shock.

So I looked around, grabbed the cutest girl and did the smurf.

Turn me loose, turn
me loose, turn me loose.
This party's goin' my way, or no way at all.
Why don't you turn
me loose, turn me loose, turn me loose.
This party's goin' my way, or no way at

Eminem: Turn me loose!
You better tell them to come re-shingle the roof.

Just keep feedin' me free drinks till I puke.
Fred'll ask me to lead sing in his group.

I'm sittin' in the bar, I'm not bein' approached.
Cause Fred's over there, stealin' all
of my hoes.
"Yo Fred, save me some!"
I walked up to these siamese twins.
them to have a threesome.
Told 'em two heads are better than one,
Plus I respect how
y'all roll together as one.
Got a slap in the teeth and a kick in the groin.
Stood up
like: "Hey wait! Where you goin'?" "Bye!"
Oh well, three strikes and I'm out.
And I
just struck out three times in a row.
Fuck it, I'm chillin'.
Took a shot of Jaeger, fell
I was silly.

Turn me loose, turn me loose, turn me loose.
party's goin' my way, or no way at all.
Why don't you turn me loose, turn me loose, turn me
This party's goin' my way, or no way at all. (repeats
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