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Viewing Lyrics for Jump Around Family Values Tour CD 1999:

Artist:Bizkit Limp
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Bizkit Limp
Track:Jump Around Family Values Tour CD 1999
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Note: This is a cover of the House Of Pain song.
Fred slightly changed the lyrics when he
performed this in
concert at Family Values 98)

How many of you people remember the
House Of Pain?
I wanna bring out, my man Poe, from Style Elevish.
And my man Easy Rock,
from the Rock Steady Crew.
You like break-dancing baby?
Are you ready?
Pack it up,
pack it in, let me begin.
I came to win, battle me, that's a sin.
I won't ever slack up,
punks you better back up.
Try to play the role, and the whole crew will act up.
Get up,
stand up, c'mon put your hands up,
And if you get the feeling, jump across the ceiling.

Least with the funk flow, man you talkin' junk yo.
Bust 'em in the eye, and then I'll
take the punks home.
Feelin, fuckin', man's it's in the junk,
And I got more ryhmes than
the cops at a Dunkin Donuts shop.
Soon enough I'll get props from the kids in KoRn plus my mom
and my pops.
Came to get down, came to get down, so get your ass up and jump around.

C'mon, jump around.
Jump around, get up!
Jump around, c'mon!
Jump up, jump
up, and get down!

Jump (repeated 16 times)!

I'll slam your ass like John
If your bitch steps up.... (I'm smackin' the ho)
Word to your moms, I came to
drop bombs.
Got more rhymes than the Bible's got Psalms.
Just like the Radical Son I've
If anyone's steppin' to me you get burned.
Fuck your lyrics, cause you ain't
got none.
And if you wanna battle then bring a... (shotgun)
Well if you do you're a fool,
cause I'll put fools to death.
Try to step to me, you take your last breath.
I got the
skill, man I got your fill.
Cause when I shoot, man, I shoot to kill.
Came to get down,
I came to get down,
So get your ass up and jump around.
C'mon. Jump around!
around everybody!
Jump around, it's your last chance!
Jump up, jump up to get down!

Jump (repeated 16 times)!

Everybody jump!
We'll see ya next year baby
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