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Viewing Lyrics for Notting Hill Blues:

Artist:Aztec Camera
Taken from the album Stray by Aztec Camera
Track:Notting Hill Blues
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:All madness in the mirror,
The tremblin' and the tears.
It takes a long time comin' out,
It's comin' out of here.

I've been wandering your London town,
And it's wearin' out my shoes.
It's a long raod comin' down,
Comin' down with the blues.

But when you hold me and really
Make love to me,
I know that love is
True forgiveness.

Time on my mind is time spent with you
But it's time that I can't find,
With the Notting Hill blues.

Lovers pass me on the gate,
Like distant cousins, removed,
Holding hands, it seems like an act of fate,
And I'm almost moved.

But love has left me standing still,
With no directions and no clues,
No speech to let my feelings loose.
A celebration of the blues.

But when you hold me and really
Make love to me,
I know that love is
True forgiveness.

Out on the road I was down with the crew,
Now I'm all alone, on the run,
With the Notting Hill blues.

And it's a lonely, lonely time,
Sadness preys upon my mind,
A telephone and a bottle of booze,
But who do you call? when you're tongue-tied tight,
Up all night.
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