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Viewing Lyrics for Flesh N Blood:

Artist:Oingo Boingo
No album artwork found
Track:Flesh N Blood
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Over time I've come to feel
That everything must come apart it seems
From the little child
to the man of power
From the beggar to the angel of my dreams
From the thinnest thread we
are sewn together
From the finest string we dangle over time
From the highest wire do we
walk through fire
Should our balance ever falter
Should our steps be unaligned
Such a
big storm yeah such a strong wind blowing
Such a loud voice calling for me to cross the line

But I'm not gonna give up the ghost
no, not gonna give up the ghost

I'm not gonna give up the ghost, no not gonna give it up
'Cause I haven't the strength to
hold out too long
If we both hold on together we can make each other strong

After all
we're flesh 'n' blood
After all we're flesh 'n' blood
After all we're flesh 'n' blood

After all we're flesh
After all we're flesh 'n' blood
After all we're flesh 'n' blood

After all we're flesh 'n' blood
After all we're flesh

Drop the mask take away
the house
And forget about the income and the car
We're all the same underneath our shell

We've all been to hell and we know what it's like
And we've shared each other's sins

We all know what it's like to give up the fight
We've all been ashamed at one time or
We all have dreams and nightmares too

When it all comes down we'll look out
for each other
(No one else will)
But when I hear the call when I feel the thirst

When the catcher comes to take my soul
He's gonna have to fight me first


Every cloud has a silver lining
And every soul is tender to the
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